It already appears that the legislation for California's insurance plan is facing a dim future and many predict it will not stand a chance of being approved...less money...less healthcare..not too difficult to figure that one out...BD 

Doctors and other health care providers will testify before an Assembly subcommittee that the proposed 10% rate cuts will create more barriers for low income Californians to access health care and would force tens of thousands of patients to seek care at more expensive emergency rooms.
"Cutting the budget for Medi-Cal will only exacerbate the problems the Governor's health reform plan was designed to solve," said Richard Frankenstein, M.D., president of the California Medical Association. "Fewer Medi-Cal dollars will mean less access to doctors for low-income families, more patients in emergency rooms, and higher health care costs for everyone."

"Our clinic opened just three years ago. Because there are few primary care physicians in our area who accept Medi-Cal, we are already full and have had to close our doors to new patients. We turn away new patients every week who come searching for a primary care provider who accepts Medi-Cal."

Medi-Cal Cuts Will Exacerbate Health Care Crisis In California Health Care Providers Will Testify, USA


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