Hash cookies...good work from the ER in finding this....especially since the child had medical issues already....I thought some of this died in the 70s, but what do I know...BD 

The events were playing out too quickly. I enter the room-“The Nanny” is there, as well as the father, and the mother is holding what looks like a bag of cookies? “Mikey was playing in his father’s car, and found these, he ate the whole bag: 100% hash cookies, keep out of reach of children!” “His father has bad back pain, he buys these in San Francisco.”image
Mikey was stoned out of his gourde. He was alone in his father’s car for up to 2 hours eating pot cookies.  you know,” she replied. “Why don’t you just send off a urine toxicology screen my attending implored…you never know…this is our job to find things like this you know…” I agreed to send one, in the off chance we might stagger across something…but meanwhile, back to this child having a full blown neurological problem…I need to call the neurologist now!

Straight Talk from the Stanford ER

Hat Tip:  Kevin, MD


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