Congratulations to Mr. Levy....a busy Hospital CEO who takes the time to blog and make a difference.  I like what he has to say as well and admire the true efforts of bringing transparency to healthcare...and giving us a lot of insight from the top level...something we all value...and besides that he has a good sense of humor too as you can see by reading his blog:)...BD 


 Running a Hospital, the blog by Paul Levy, CEO of Beth Israel-Deaconess in Boston, Massachusetts. Levy has lifted the veil on hospital administration at one of the world's premier institutions -- he writes openly about his salary, his hospital's infection rates, controversial partnerships and upcoming plans. His candor and openness, and willingness to respond to commenters and critics has inspired readers and bloggers alike. Alone among an excellent field of nominees, Running a Hospital is a blog that might actually change the way healthcare works in this country. For this reason, and many more, readers have chosen Paul Levy's site as the Best Medical Blog.

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  1. You are more than welcome and thank you for the link to the Medical Quack too! I appreciate it.


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