This can be a bit help with health care with computers that recognize and log one in and a busy medical office how many times a day would this be beneficial to not have to manually log in and out when caring for patients....the You Tube video shows how the technology could be used in a somewhat humorous fashion.  If you want to try the technology on your own computer with a web cam, use this link for a free application that actually works pretty well and will give you an idea on how it works...BD 

"It was this model that made us think, if we've captured something about the face-earning process, maybe we can use this same process to boost performance in automatic face recognition," he said. "Basically, we were trying to build a model of familiarity into the machine." image


In the study, researchers used the web site to test their theory. The Web site uses face recognition software called FaceVACS, which is currently being tested at the Sydney Airport. The database at MyHeritage consists of 30,000 photos of celebrities.

ABC News: I Spy: Computers That Recognize Your Face


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