There could be some value with an issue we seek medical advice for....for more on this story I have to leave it to Robert Scoble who found out a lot more about this as Davos...quote below...and read his blog input here...the heck with ever thinking about selling a black market kidney, this is legal, a lot less effort and  might just one day help get some diamond crystals in your cell phone...yes a bit of humor here but the story is well worth and health care coming together under a unique situation...BD 

"Turns out methane has one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. If you burn methane you’ll probably get a little soot, which is those carbon atoms showing up. But if you remove the oxygen, imagethrow in a cocktail of a few other secret gasses, and heat it all up you can deposit those carbon items on a starter bed of diamond.  Translation: if you coat bearing surfaces with diamond you’ll save energy and the bearings will last a lot longer.   What else are they doing with it? Well, did you know your imagecell phone has several quartz crystals in it? Why? The crystals vibrate and keep the clock rates all synchronized. Diamond, he tells me, is even better than quartz for that use because it is more highly tunable and energy efficient and can be made to fit in a smaller space than quartz can."

Janine Roberts' new book "Glitter & Greed: The Secret World of the  Diamond Cartel" (The Disinformation Company) exposes the unromantic side of diamonds due to the "cartel" that keeps prices high and the human rights violations of diamond diggers.

-- Roberts has seen scientists "grow diamonds" using methane and oxygen which she says means diamonds are nothing more than "crystallized farts."

Weird News: A 'Crystallized Fart' Lasts Forever - 2003-08-20


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