Budget office does not appear happy with the current reporting system...begging for data from insurance companies as relates to Medicare Advantage plans....we've been wondering the same things about money saved and quality of health care....BD 

Congressional Budget Office Director Peter Orszag on Monday said that CMS demonstration projects lack "the key elements that you would expect in a rigorously designed evaluation" to determine whether the projects are saving money and improving health care quality, CongressDaily reports. Orszag said that the demonstration projects are not set up in ways that other agencies can "learn the things that we need to learn in order to score future proposals."
Orszag said he is "continuing to beg" for data from insurance companies about Medicare Advantage plans. "It's almost like they're conducting a variety of experiments in disease management and various other things. And they are doing so with public subsidies." He added, "In exchange for this publicly funded set of experiments, we should be getting a set of rigorous data back on what works and what doesn't, and that is, unfortunately, not as complete and as rigorous as one would hope." Orszag noted that private fee-for-service MA plans have a "very light reporting requirement," which makes it difficult to measure success.

CBO Director Orszag Calls For Improvements In CMS Demos, More Data From Insurers


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