One more for the legal system...real diagnosing or a matter of money?  Not enough of a story here to speculate...BD 

Eleven women have filed a lawsuit against Dallas' Presbyterian Hospital, alleging fraud on the part of doctors who allegedly recommended treatment for conditions they did not have.

It is the second lawsuit to make such allegations; the first was filed by five women in May 2007. "It didn't make a bit of difference what the tests showed," said attorney Marty Rose of Rose Walker LLP, who represents the plaintiffs. "They were just going to tell each of the women the same thing and keep billing them until they got wise or until their deductibles ran out."

Each of the women came to the hospital seeking medical assistance for eating disorders. The group claims doctors at the hospital advised them to submit to a series of tests that determined they had suffered heart damage as result of their disorders.

Lawsuit alleges testing fraud at Presbyterian Hospital - Dallas Business Journal:


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