Some doctors in the UK want to withhold medical care from those who had lead an unhealthy lifestyle...and this blogger states it may even appeal to the Bush in 3 physicians in the UK claim medical care should not be given to the elderly if they feel it will not be long term...when you hear things like this it makes you wonder where is the morality of helping your fellow man or woman...who's turn is it today to play "God"...and thank goodness all physicians don't feel this way...when it comes right down to the facts, it's all about money and in no country is there going to be a full society of "perfect" citizens, and have all the citizens paid for this with taxes?  Strange it appears they still want the money from the "unhealthy" but will refuse what's up with that?  BD 

The British have a solution to their health care crisis--cut off the undeserving sick and send the old off on ice floes the way Eskimos did a century ago.
In a new survey, doctors call for National Health Service treatment to be withheld from patients who are too old or who lead unhealthy lives, an idea that may appeal to the Bush Administration as a solution to runaway Medicare costs.

But all is not lost, even in Britain. Responding to the survey findings, a doctor speaking for the British Medical Association said: "If a patient of 90 needs a hip operation they should get one. Yes, they might peg out any time, but it's not our job to play God."

Notes From the Ice Floe HMO


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