The list includes drugs that contain the risk of inducing serious heart arrhythmias and death....and the list contains links to educational material...BD

The website currently lists over 100 drugs in four categories based on imagerelative risk, including a comprehensive list of drugs to be avoided by patients with inherited Long QT syndrome. Drugs on the lists can be sorted by brand or generic name, and a new search function allows mobile users to enter full or partial drug names to search for possible matches in the database. The PDA lists are viewable online at

Drugs are listed with up to 2 common brand names. There are several brand names for some of the common drugs, such as pseudoephedrine and erythromycin. It is also important to look at the list of active drugs in medicines that contain a combination of drugs such as Zyrtec-D®, which contains cetirizine and pseudoephedrine.

Arizona Center For Education And Research On Therapeutics Launches PDA Version Of QT-Prolonging Drug Lists


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