After 3 procedures his condition was gone...clinical trial in place and the last step before FDA approval...BD

imagePHILADELPHIA, Pa. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- One moment you feel fine. The next, your heart is racing at almost double the pace. Atrial fibrillation affects more than two million Americans. Although it is the most common arrhythmia, medicines for the condition only work about half the time. Now, researchers are testing a new tool that may help put a patient’s heart back on track. He says with this procedure, the ultrasound is delivered very precisely and does not damage other tissue. And since there is no potential for gaps in the scar tissue, Dr. Callan says the symptoms of atrial fibrillation shouldn’t come back.image

It took three traditional ablation procedures to make Calvaresi’s symptoms go away. Now, he’s says it’s good to know a new kind of help may soon be available if his heart problems come back.


Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs - New Treatment for Heart Arrhythmias


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