Loss of funding....time for a Facebook page to get donations?  And where will they all go for care...private facilities....BD 

A majority of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors raised objections Thursday to plans to shut 11 clinics, even though health officials have quietly floated contingency plans for far more drastic cuts in the coming year.
Three supervisors said the county should look elsewhere for the painful cuts that lie ahead, but severe cost-cutting looks increasingly inevitable as deficits of $195 million to $331 million are projected for the department in the next fiscal year.

Under a worst-case scenario, county health officials have privately suggested closing all six of the county's comprehensive outpatient health centers along with its medical clinics, according to a confidential draft of the plan obtained by The Times. Under that plan, patients would lose county facilities that provide more than 160,000 urgent care visits and nearly 180,000 specialty care visits a year, mostly from the uninsured and poor.

"Many of them are on the brink of bankruptcy, because they don't have people who contribute millions of dollars to them," she said. "Our clinics are a vital part of our whole system."

Supervisors object to plan to close clinics - Los Angeles Times


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