EClinicalWorks will also offer the product for purchase for those who do not qualify to meet the elegibility requirements...30% of the patients must be uninsured or on Medicaid...there's a $4000.00 contribution to the Fund for Public Health in New York and BYOC (bring your own computers)..BD 

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday announced the launch of a new, $60 million electronic health record system that is intended to improve preventive health, the New York Times reports. The EHR system, which the city has developed over two years, was created with $30 million from the city and about $30 million from the state and federal governments. Two hundred physicians with 200,000 patients have committed to using the EHR system, and the city hopes that by the end of the year, the system will include 1,000 physicians with one million patients, according to Thomas Frieden, the city health commissioner.image

The system will include patient medical histories, laboratory results and prescription drug regimens. In addition, the system will provide physicians with updated information through a series of alerts, such as overdue dates on prescriptions or cholesterol checks, as well as information on best practices for the treatment of illnesses. The health department will be able to obtain general health care provider data from the EHR system but will not have access to specific information on individual patients.

New York City Launches EHR System


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