Update on the mystery and some real intense forensic investigations to solve the mystery the fumes inhaled were the cause...BD 

AUSTIN, Minnesota (CNN) -- A mysterious nerve disorder that hit some slaughterhouse employees with debilitating symptoms apparently was caused by inhaling a fine mist of pig brain tissue.

Susan Kruse remains unable to work but has felt some relief with immunotherapy imagetreatments and medications.  While eating pig brains isn't dangerous, inhaling fumes from particles of pig brain matter can be, scientists say.  A translator assisting Spanish-speaking patients helped to expose the hidden risk, which prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to name a new disease and led to changes in how pig brains are harvested.

Health investigators said droplets of the mist could have entered a worker's system through the mucous membranes in the nose or mouth. Once in the body, the foreign pig brain matter prompted the immune system to produce antibodies to attack it, in a process similar to an allergic reaction.

Medical mystery solved in slaughterhouse - CNN.com


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