Hot stuff....Update....I have posted about this software in the past and I'll be one of the first to sure and click on update above to see what this software can do as there are videos that really give a nice explanation and show....I can see this coming in to play with Healthcare very quickly with taking notes and organizing information!  BD 

Why would anyone want to buy a Tablet PC? image

Tablet devices are perceived as little more than heavy and slow laptops with small screens and large price tags. The payoff? You get to write on them with a stylus and take notes as if you're writing on paper. Wake me when you're done.

All that may start to change tomorrow, when a prototype application called InkSeine -- which is, essentially, a digital notebook on crack -- is released for public trial.  If you have a Tablet PC or other pen system running either XP or Vista (preferably Vista), you should download InkSeine here (wait until tomorrow, Feb. 15, when the "public" version hits).

Microsoft Invents a Reason to Buy a Tablet

Hat Tip:  Tablet PC Talk


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