A story on the health care wait in Canada...now suing for his cost in the US as he had a cancerous brain tumor.....as reported in the past, the city of Pittsburgh has more MRIs than the entire country of Canada...there are good things about both systems, however, the US just having a large number of MRIs could avoid the one issue at hand here.  As far as the length of wait to see a physician, that's another issue....single pay system would require a huge amount of resources...perhaps an area where Canada is behind by comparison...BD 

WASHINGTON–A retired Newmarket man who had to go to Buffalo to have his brain tumour removed has emerged as a poster boy in the ongoing health-care debate in the U.S. presidential election.

Lindsay McCreith, who is suing the Ontario government because he says it could not provide timely medical treatment, is the star of a YouTube video made by independent filmmaker Stuart Browning to warn Americans about the move toward socialized health care advocated by Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

TheStar.com | USElection | Ontario man featured in U.S. health-care debate


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