Not even sex can help...not related to raging have a similar problem called Priapism...could add to RLS, (restless leg syndrome?)..some say the older you get, the worse it experimental drug on the market, anti depressants do and do not the Wiki here...BD 

If you thought "Grey's Anatomy" writers invented Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), think again. image

PSAS, identified and named just six years ago, remains a mysterious condition that thousands of women wish they didn't have. They are constantly on the edge of orgasm regardless of time, place or circumstance. And while this situation might sound desirable, funny or just plain weird it is actually akin to being a prisoner: a nightmarish reality where a woman's body acts independently of her own desires.

"And sex doesn't help it," Lauren said. "Orgasm doesn't relieve it, sometimes it makes it stronger. This is to me, irritating, torture." "Every lecture I give on this, there's always smirks in the audience: 'Oh I wish my wife was like this.' These are professional physicians," Dr. Goldstein said. "And I said, 'No, no, you're, you don't really want this. You do not want your wife to have this, please.'"

Dr. Goldstein is also experimenting with a new drug that affects the brain's dopamine levels. So far it has shown some success, but more research will be needed to decide if it is effective.

ABC News: Women Who Can't Stop Feeling Sexual


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