This might mean less catheters for patients in the future as they can trigger a result of the new Medicare law that will not pay hospitals for preventable errors...BD  

And patients' first sign that something is changing may involve lessening of a big indignity: Today, one in four hospitalized patients is outfitted with a urinary catheter. The tubes trigger more than half a million urinary tract infections a year, the most common hospital-caused infection.image

Yet many patients don't even need catheters — they're an automatic precaution after certain surgeries — and many who do have them for days longer than necessary. Why? The University of Michigan reported the first national study of catheter practices last month, finding nearly half of hospitals don't even keep track of who gets one. Fewer than one in 10 hospitals does a daily check to see if the catheter is still needed, a simple but proven infection-reducing system.

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