Is history repeating itself...well maybe...the processes have changed tremendously...thank goodness..we have probably all read the old stories about women wrapping their feet to stop normal growth...but here's a a few others I was not aware of...and there's always the old corset...that has been around for years and it seems it's always been the women who are the front runners here..reason for motivation may differ...BD

imageWealthy Southeast Asian women in the 1400s, one could argue, had it pretty good. A man was not quite a man unless an incision was made in his testicles and semi- precious jeimage wels were inserted — all for the pleasure of the ladies. A girl could tell who was worthy of her attention by the pleasant jingling sound of a boy's gait as the stones clink-clinked together.  And who doesn't have an image of Chinese women during the Han dynasty hobbling about on "lotus blossoms" to entice suitors with their tiny shape (and odor, some scholars say, as the rotting flesh curling around itself served as an aphrodisiac).

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Victorian women had some of their lower ribs removed to create smaller waists. Arsenic made white skin whiter. Belladonna, which means "beautiful woman" in Italian but is actually a toxic plant, made the pupils as large as a pot head's.

ABC News: Pain for My Valentine?


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