Good article and in another forum where I discuss health care, we were talking about the use of a Kiosk to help the effort...and the recent fee for service plans don't make this any easier...good reading here...BD  

Some doctors' offices have gone sign-crazy, says practice management consultant Deborah Keegan in Arden, NC. Above is a sample of what Keegan's seen at the receptionist's counter. "As a patient, I'd be turned off by this," she says.

And, if medical bills go unpaid, the penalty just might be a sheriff's deputy knocking on a delinquent patient's door to seize a car. It happened to a Massachusetts woman because of a disputed charge of $290.20 from her ob/gyn. In another Massachusetts county, car seizures triggered by medical debt became so rampant that the local sheriff decreed that his department would no longer execute them.

How to collect from patients without scaring them away - Medical Economics


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