Boy these are ugly...some even grow eyeballs and hands...luckily not too common...good news though is that they are usually not malignant..BD 

The Angst: The Hypochondriac has been feeling pressure on the left side of her abdomen. It feels hard like a lump, and sometimes it migrates to her right side. She says she feels it more "when I'm thin, in the summer, at my fighting weight. When there's no fat in the way when I press around my gut looking for it."image

The Truth: Ovarian dermoids used to be called "homunculus" — little men — because they are capable of exhibiting many of the physical tissues one finds in a human. That would be long hair, bits of teeth, cartilage and skin with sweat glands.

The more common medical term for dermoids is teratoma. That's Greek for monstrous tumor. They grow from the cells involved in reproduction, such as an egg, or the tissue surrounding an ovary. That's why some say they can develop such a ghoulish appearance — sometimes even eyeballs and hands.

ABC News: What's Hairy and Toothy and Most Likely Benign?


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