I felt this article needed posting as a warning to all when it comes to botox and who does the procedure...make sure it is a physician, ask for credentials so something like this does not happen..as the article states, it is a procedure and not a spa treatment....BD  

Doctors warn that could be dangerous, as some California women found out when they received cosmetic injections at a local salon. Instead of the subtle enhancements they hoped for, these women are now permanently disfigured.image Keep in mind, collagen and other authentic fillers come in labeled, prepackaged tubes, with a sticker that peels off and goes in your medical chart as a record of what you've had injected.

Fresno police investigated the incident and arrested Mario Nieves Perez in a sting operation. Perez was not who he claimed.

"The truth is he's not a medical doctor in any way shape or form," said Chief Jerry Dyer of the Fresno Police Department.

ABC News: Women Scarred by 'Collagen' From Fake Dr.


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