Another story on re-used syringes...not needles just the syringe...a similar story was long unfolding in New York, relative to the same scenario....40,000 patients during the time frame to be testws for Hepatitis C as there is no way to know who was and who was not treated with a re-used syringe...BD 

A clinic may have infected a handful of patients with hepatitis C but about 40,000 more should be tested for that virus, as well as for HIV, health officials said Wednesday. To retain its state license and Medicare certification, the center faces increased on-site inspections and fines yet to be determined.

Six people who underwent procedures at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada now have the blood-borne hepatitis C virus, the Southern Nevada Health District said in a statement.

ABC News: Clinic Reuses Needles, Sparks Hep C Scare


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