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flexSCAN, Inc. (OTCBB:FXSC.OB) announced that it will begin offering comprehensive genetic testing free of charge to anyone visiting the image website. "Today's trend of charging for genetic testing, as demonstrated by 23andme, a Google investment, and dnadirect, may make economic sense for their businesses, unfortunately this strategy by its nature is exclusionary. The sad fact is few people have $1,000 to spare for the luxury of having their DNA tested, not to mention the cost of testing an entire family," said Founder and CEO Thomas Banks. "Our mission is simple, we intend to make genetic testing available to everyone, not simply for people with an extra thousand dollars burning a hole in their pockets."

FlexSCAN, Inc. Announces GeneVIEW(TM) -- Free Genetic Testing


  1. Hmmmm....I signed up at wellness360 (flexSCAN's website) and the only thing I had to do was complete a 40 questions Health Risk Assessment. That's it. And every page I viewed I began earning money. It is something I have never seen before. They actually sent me a check for $83.43. I think this is a great service. Fianlly the Rich "dot commers" are sharing some of the wealth.sfvtbyd

  2. Interesting...and thanks for the feedback...maybe I should be signing up as well...


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