I am guessing we might just see something like this on CSI-NY?.....would be nice to the the process run on a Tablet PC too....watch for the Sahara Tablet on the show...it is used on almost every show!  BD   image

With the introduction of the Quantifiler® Duo kit, forensic laboratories can obtain more comprehensive information than conventional methods in a single, highly sensitive quantification reaction. The new kit simultaneously provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of total human and human male DNA and more accurately estimates the quantity of DNA in degraded samples. This efficiently provides the male-to-female DNA mixture ratio, guides selection of the optimal DNA profiling chemistry kit and is expected to increase analysis success rates. Overall, the Quantifiler® Duo kit streamlines and integrates the forensic DNA workflow to maximize recovery of results from sexual assault cases and other challenging samples. image
The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) forensic laboratory, an early user, is currently validating and planning to add the Quantifiler® Duo kit into its workflow to better assess the characteristics for each DNA sample and obtain information to indicate which DNA profiling chemistry should be used in subsequent analyses: a standard short tandem repeat (STR) kit or a male-specific STR (Y-STR) kit. The ability to obtain more detailed information prior to DNA profiling enables the SDPD analysts to improve results and reduce the need for repeat analysis.

New Forensic Testing Kit From Applied Biosystems Helps Improve DNA Analysis In Sexual Assault Cases


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