San Francisco still struggling with how to implement the law...various concerns for different restaurant adds it to the drivers are independent contractors so the burden is back on the individual in that case...BD 

imageBut not every business can raise its rates. Cab fares, for example, are set by the city. John Lazar, owner of Luxor Cab Co., said he hopes the financial impact of the law on his company will be manageable because most of his drivers are independent contractors and the bulk of his employees have insurance. "The problem," he said, "is we're being told what to charge for our product."  Naranjo said some employers might cut salaries to pay for the new mandate. "I know employers are looking at that as an option," he said.

The owners of Zuni Cafe on Feb. 1 added a 4 percent health surcharge to its menu to cover the additional costs of the mandate. While a few customers were not pleased, the majority appreciated why the restaurant needed to take action, they said.

S.F. businesses preparing for health care law


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