Luckily it appears the potential theft was small....BD 

Tenet Healthcare Corp., meanwhile, sent out letters last week to potential victims who had been patients at its 54 hospitals nationwide. Ex-Tenet employee Terence Brooks, who had worked at the health care firm’s Frisco, Texas, billing center, was arrested last November for attempting to get a credit card using stolen information from his job. He reportedly stole the names, Social Security numbers, and other personal data of around 90 Tenet Healthcare patients. The billing center processes around 4 million accounts in all.image

"What's challenging in this situation is there was an employee intent on committing fraud," a Tenet spokesman said. "No company can prevent that, but we can have practices in place to immediately address it when it does occur, and that's what we did."

Health Care Firms Increasingly Feeling 'the Love' as Targets of Attack - Desktop Security - Dark Reading


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