I would say these are not your normal patients needing care:)  It appears they have imagefound a home in the duct work and other areas in the ceilings.

Imagine being a patient and having a visit from a bat when you might be expecting the night nurse instead, hope these are not vampire bats.  For now until they are removed, no new patients will be admitted and current patients get your bat swatters out.  BD 

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. A Rockingham hospital has temporarily closed its doors until a colony of bats can be removed.

Officials with FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital said Saturday that no new patients would be accepted and existing patients had been imagemoved out for the time being.

The hospital has been working with a professional bat removal service to expel the bats, which have been living in the walls. Hospital employees called county officials about the problem on Friday, and teams inspected air handling units, patient rooms, common areas and ceiling tiles, among other areas.



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