Well what  can you say, one more goes the corporate route and how many shares did he get?  Actually he returned to where he came from as Managing Director before working for the White House.  It looks like he’s back to selling and promoting software and analytics algorithms.  Revenue cycling is right in there if you look at the website as well as Surgical profitability analytics.  Originally it was thought that he would go into politics. 

Aneesh Chopra US Chief Technology Officer Resigns to Possibly Pursue A Political Career

“Our work: The Advisory Board Company is a global research, consulting, and technology firm helping hospital and university executives to better serve patients and students. We provide strategic guidance, actionable insights, web-based software solutions, and comprehensive implementation and management services.”


If you need a web based tool to diagnose Meaningful Use they have it for hospitals.


One thing I do have to say though with doing this blog, all the analytics sites sure look the same anymore, same targets, same goals and the language is almost cookie cutter.  I can understand the frustrations with government work and at the time of his appointment he had all the right stuff going for momentum but now maybe someone else will take the reins and be able to execute as that’s what we really need.  BD   

Aneesh Chopra will join The Advisory Board Company as a Senior Advisor for Health Care Technology Strategy, the company announced Friday.

Chopra, the nation’s first Federal Chief Technology Officer who left the White House earlier this month after spending more than two and a half years in the position, worked at The Advisory Board Company, a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange, from April of 1997 to January of 2006 when he was the company’s Managing Director.

The Advisory Board Company is a global research, technology, and consulting firm partnering with 125,000 leaders in 3,200 organizations across health care and higher education, according to the firm.



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