More marketing, what can I say as it was in the news today that Walgreens will begin selling the test which is fine and in one’s own home might just be the place for imagethis product for use.  I wonder though, being a new product will it show up with coupons and promo ads?  Companies have done that for years to promote new products so when you check in with Four Square and are in the store and your profile says you are “male” will a coupon pop up? 

LocaResponse is the name of the marketing company, but is just me only, when I’m in a store that’s kind of the one time I want pull my nose out of my cell phone and look around like we do when we shop, so for me, this is an annoyance and I will be sure to turn OFF my phone location finder and I have a Windows phone so done easy enough and I don’t use Facebook either so no burning desire there about missing a coupon.  As a matter of fact I have a habit of turning down most coupons and despise brining out the drug store card they scan at check out.  My privacy is worth more than the 50 cents or less that I may save.image

The Sperm Check product is $40 and they are also betting on women to get enticed as well and boy I can see some family fights possible on this one if one checks out ok and the other does not.  “Sperm Check, aisle 5”.  This gets marketed sadly as a “blame” thing and it’s not that it’s rather a search for information as I see it.  Walgreens is losing the foot traffic though from Blue Cross members though as they have to elsewhere.

Anthem Blue Cross Members Will No Longer Be Able to Fill Prescriptions at Walgreens After January 1, 2012

Who knows you might be buying insurance in the store soon as well as we all watch the competition here and Walgreens make a ton of money selling their data and you wonder if products are a second line business when their CFO said their data selling business is worth just under $800 million.  Pay close attention to that fact and give that some thoughts.  BD 

Walgreens Going to Sell Health Insurance? Data Information Connections Are Alive to Mine for Potential Premiums Rates & Chronic Conditions–Insurance Subsidiary Alert

Retailers have long turned to circulars and signage to tell customers what packaged goods are in-store. In recent weeks at Walgreens, the mobile check-in has been following suit.

Using a tool from startup LocalResponse, Walgreens finds public check-ins at its stores and sends users reply messages via Twitter. For example, when customers check in to any of the chain's 8,000 stores through mobile apps such as Foursquare or Yelp and publish "I'm here!" to Twitter, Walgreens messages back: "Check out Halls new cough drops in the cold aisle."

Walgreens has a long-standing relationship with cough-suppressant Halls for promotions in stores and on its website. In the effort, Walgreens sent out 5,000 Halls messages in January via Twitter.


  1. This is very common in the UK. The supermarkets are selling the Healthcare Insurance as well as car loans. They haven't started selling funeral services yet.


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