Well at least this time it was not the product which is an improvement from the past imagerecalls but we have the same end result.  There were 17 problems logged with the bottle so I think at this point J and J is just saying return them all.  The recalls that get me are for the pills that stink and we haven’t heard that one in a while but those are generated by coatings on the pallets when they treat them indoors, saw enough of that with 25 years in logistics. 

Had Enough Tylenol Recalls Yet? Here’s One More Voluntary Recall

So it appears this product will once again disappear from drug store shelves until the bottles are fixed and you don’t have to return these as a consumer, just careful with the bottle.  BD  

Johnson & Johnson, the health care giant, said on Friday that it was recalling its entire United States supply of Infants’ Tylenol after parents complained about problems with a new dosing system. It was the latest in a string of recalls for the company.

The recall involves about 574,000 bottles of grape-flavored liquid Tylenol for children younger than 2. After earlier recalls, Johnson & Johnson had just returned to the market with the Infants’ Tylenol in November, but now will be out of the market for an indefinite time.

The problems involve a new bottle design, which was intended to prevent accidental ingestion and ensure accurate doses. But when parents inserted a syringe into the bottle, some accidentally pushed a protective cover inside. To date, Johnson & Johnson has received 17 complaints, a company spokeswoman, Bonnie Jacobs, said.

No serious side effects from the Infants’ Tylenol have been reported, and the risk of such problems are remote, Johnson & Johnson said.



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