First of all nothing with the IPO but the pictures and videos announcing all of this are getting extremely old, so just take care of business and save some expense of the imagedog and pony show, please and the part with Gingrich in here was priceless as last year we had this.  Again we don’t know how many will get rich, not as bad as the over valued social network IPOs, but again when many are struggling and doctors and hospitals go broke and close, not a big news item here for the middle class. 

Newt Gingrich Scams Doctors With Fake Prize Awards That Costs $5000

You can listen to the interview and the “installed customer base” discussion here and again it’s a product used by healthcare today and there are many competitors and the stimulus was discussed with saying only half of the doctors will meet the qualifications and receive their money.  This is yet just one more big corporate conglomerate pushing for revenue and profits.  We have seen two big insurance companies too who are making record profits invest big in health IT so this tells you there’s again money in those algorithms.  This picture though at the NYSE is no more impressive than seeing the Komen NYSE picture lit up in pink in my opinion and where was the part about being a partner with doctors?  Did I miss it:) BD


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