This is kind of too sad as I have used Epocrates for years on my cell phone andimage PDA before that to look up formularies.  Even on this blog I put a courtesy search box for their web services to make it easy to look up a drug. The problem here is that they have way too much competition and the late start didn’t help them out a bit.

Epocrates Entering the Mobile EHR Market

This is just yet one more merging or selling of software as it’s happening all over and I can’t even keep up with it, especially on the insurer side of payor software.  BD 

The San Mateo, Calif.-based company acknowledged that building the EHR has hindered its ability to pursue other ways to expand its portfolio. “As a result, we are exploring strategic alternatives for our EHR offering,” according to a statement. The company noted it needed to focus more “on the natural extension of our core business.”

The company had high hopes for the EHR, as it counts 340,000 physicians on its network. But the product, which is mobile-device friendly, was coming late into a saturated market. A first-phase version of the software was not available until August 2011 and the product did not receive Complete EHR meaningful use certification until February 2012.


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