No you can’t go there yet as this is being built for intelligence agencies by Raytheon.  the government gets it first.  It picks up everything from a news item and finds the relationships between the data and information.  It still doesn’t get everything right but getting closer.  This sounds a bit like what we are doing in healthcare with non structured data, doesn’t it?   BD

They look a bit like communally written Wikipedia pagesimage. But these articles—concise profiles of people and organizations, complete with lists of connected organizations, people, and events—were in fact written by computers, in a new bid by the Pentagon to build machines that can follow global news events and provide intelligence analysts with useful summaries in close to real time.

The prototype system is part of a nonpublic site built for intelligence agencies by Raytheon BBN in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and scheduled for delivery to the government later this year. It gathers information from 40 news websites written in English, Chinese, and Arabic, and eventually it will cover hundreds of news sites in all major languages. Ultimately the system will be linked with an existing TV broadcast monitoring network.

Automatically summarizing text is notoriously tricky given the difficulty of detecting humor, sarcasm, obviously incorrect information, idioms, and variant spellings and syntax, not to mention the problems involved in interpreting and translating information sources in different languages.


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