Mergers and acquisitions continue and the latest involves Navigenics imagewhich has a genomic company who focused most of their translational work with physicians.   Life Technologies is a large public traded company and probably one of their best known announcements in the area of sequencing came a while back with the Ion Torrent Machine which is a desktop sequencing machine. 

Life Technologies Debuts Ion Torrent Machine-Cheap Genes at $500 for Single Sequence

Ion Torrent’s DNA Desktop Machine Walk Through- How Semi Conductor Sequencing Works (Video)

Scripps also works with Navigenics and there’s an ongoing study  that began back in 2009 where each participants genomic information was stored on Microsoft HealthVault.  Patients were also encouraged to enter their own information as well.  This will be interesting to follow this merger as there are a few competitors out there that also sequence so I seems one by one the partnerships and alliances for sequencing and interpretation seem to be lining up.

Yesterday we had Glaxo purchase Human Genome to add to their research and development of new drugs. 

Drugs are getting harder to make and especially with targeting markers as they are varied any many and petabytes of data offer a lot of help but it takes time and then of course the testing and trials are the final move. BD

Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE) today announced the acquisition of Navigenics, Inc. This acquisition represents Life Technologies' first step in executing against a strategy to build out its molecular diagnostics business through internal development, partnerships and select acquisitions.

"Genetic analysis is becoming increasingly accessible, cost-effective and a critical part of patient clinical management," said David Agus, M.D. co-founder of Navigenics, professor of Medicine and Engineering at the University of Southern California, and author of The End of Illness.  "As a result, physicians have more complete and accurate information about the patient than ever before, which is translating into more effective, individualized care programs for patients."

Navigenics' extensive clinical program provides Life Technologies with a leadership position in clinician and patient education and support, which will be leveraged by Life Technologies in building its diagnostics business.  The platform includes a network of oncologists, pathologists, and genetic counselors, who will be available to support community-based physicians in the adoption of genetic medicine and assist them in understanding these innovative types of medical information


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