Now this is a crock of story and why were the doctors notimage allowed in to get their patient records.  I am guessing they were maybe not on an EMR of any sorts?  Still though, come on give folks notice as the secondary entrance was not life or death.  The landlord wouldn’t let them in.  When you read this article it is real blame shifting here as the landlord said they could get in as long as the building department said it was ok and then the building department said the doctors could be given permission from the landlord! 

Doctors had no offices for almost 3 weeks to practice.  Nobody cared about the doctors and patients here it sounded like, just the secondary entrance took center stage…again how dumb.  BD   

SHEEPSHEAD BITES EXCLUSIVE: The city suddenly shut down a medical center in Brighton Beach in June, leaving several doctors with no place to work and no access to their medical records for as long as two weeks.

The medical center, located at 2965 Ocean Parkway, was closed June 13 by the New York City Department of Buildings for lacking a secondary means of egress, a technical term for an entrance and exit. The four-story building had only one open staircase, but, Department of Buildings regulations require an additional staircase for a building of such size in case of an emergency.

Furthermore, patients had trouble reaching their doctors being that the office was closed for as long as two weeks, and with no access to files, doctors had trouble reaching their patients.

“In the future, if the department feels a building is unsafe, they should have a procedure in place to give workers access to their important information,” Singer said.


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