In Israel they are doing a lot of work with separating the constituents ofimage grass it appears and the latest efforts show a focus on Cannabidiol, also called CBD which has strong anti-inflammatory benefits.  The plants being grown are free of the THC portion, thus there is “no high” associated with using the plants grown without this component.  So I guess after all there really is medicinal use for marijuana, although there have not been any clinical trials run to get some full accurate reporting.  As you can read though, the aroma of the pot plants is still there.

The plants grown only contain less than 1% of the THC component, the part that gets you high.  Patients in Israel who are already being treated with cannabis have access to the new strain, Avidekel and one patient commented that she can use it more frequently now for her pain as she says without the “high” she can function better without the side effect.  BD

(Reuters) - They grow in a secret location in northern Israel. A tall fence, security cameras and an armed guard protect them from criminals. A hint of their sweet-scented blossom carries in the air: rows and rows of cannabis plants, as far as the eye can see.

It is here, at a medical marijuana plantation atop the hills of the Galilee, where researchers say they have developed marijuana that can be used to ease the symptoms of some ailments without getting patients high.

"Sometimes the high is not always what they need. Sometimes it is an unwanted side effect. For some of the people it's not even pleasant," said Zack Klein, head of development at Tikun Olam, the company that developed the plant.

But cannabis also contains Cannabidiol, or CBD, a substance that some researchers say has anti-inflammatory benefits. Unlike THC, it hardly binds to the brain's receptors and can therefore work without getting patients stoned.

Avidekel is a new strain of a plant that is already permitted for medical use so there is nothing stopping patients who are already being treated with marijuana from trying Avidekel. About 10 patients began using it in the past six months, Klein said.

"The cannabis plant, enriched with CBD, can be used for treating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, liver inflammation, heart disease and diabetes," she said, adding there are no side effects.  "The difference is huge. Before, I would only smoke at the end of the day and stay in pain." Now, she said, with the highless marijuana "my life is so much better."


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