My first comment here is that’s a lot of money.  The company is located in Canada and works with doctors and surgeons to develop devices in the area of DVT prevention and vascular solutions  as well as wound healing and pain management.  Check these 2 products out as I have not seen anything like them out there.  The Venowave seems to work by improving circulation and attaches to the back of your leg and the IceOtherm gives feelings of sensation to relieve pain.  Again, this is still a lot of money.  BD 

From the website:

“The Venowave VW5 is a medical device that has been imagestatistically proven to prevent a DVT from occurring, in at risk patients. Traditionally, compression stockings and anti-coagulants (blood thinners) have been the gold standard in DVT prevention until today. The Venowave VW5 can be used alone or in conjunction with blood thinners and/or compression stockings.

The Venowave VW5 is applied to the back of the calf and mimics the body's venous system preventing blood from remaining still and clotting. The Venowave VW5 is unique because it is lightweight (250g, less then ½ pound), discreet and allows patients to remain completely mobile. There are no wires, tubes or sleeves. The Venowave VW5 can be used in hospital or during homecare after discharge from the hospital”.

“The IceOtherm is a class II medical deviceimage designed to engage the body’s natural healing abilities using both hot and cold stimuli. The interlaced hot and cold stimuli, induces a paradoxical burning sensation known as the Thermal Grill Illusion. The Thermal Grill Illusion has been known to scientists for over a century, and was developed and first studied extensively by Thunberg in 1896. In scientific research applications, the thermal grill is used to create harmless sensations of pain.”

Saringer Life Science Technologies
Inc. (SLST Inc.) is seeking a major investment in order to expand their medical technology company. Business experts claim that this is one of the biggest and most lucrative propositions in Saringer’s history and that the company shows an enormous potential for return.

The Venowave VW5 and the ICE-O-therm. After years of clinical studies and product testing, both products use the latest state of the art technology (IP protected) and are ready to be commercialized. The products have a broad range of approved indications including pain treatment, preventing blood clotting or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), and a broad range of vascular conditions including the most severe; Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS). Most recently scientists are studying the Venowave and its ability to heal chronic diabetic foot sores after an impressive case study was conducted with a 100% success rate. Many of these conditions are largely unmet clinical needs and alternative treatments are scarce.

“We’re definitely on the verge of reaching one of our biggest milestones yet,” exclaims Saringer. Although the majority of investor dollars will go towards expansion and revenue generating initiatives, some will also go towards Saringer’s most recent focus: how the Venowave VW5- a sequential compression pump that attaches to the back of the calf in order to increase circulation - can heal diabetic foot ulcers. “It’s time to take things to the next level and find a cure for chronic diabetic foot ulcers.”


  1. Very interesting. I think that is a lot of money too. However, it appears that the Venowave has been studied and research by some major players in Canada. I did a cross lookover on pubmed and the research papers were conducted by very well known prestigous doctors in their fields. 4 separate published articles to date by prominent doctors in Thrombosis, venous and arterial fields. Dr. Jack Hirsh was a leading doc who solidified the anti-coagulant market across Canada (was a HUGE player in setting up the very first thrombosis clinic in North America) Dr. Susan Khan has studied Post Thrombotic Syndrome extensively doing a lot of work with various pumps and stockings, and Dr. Sonia Anand is world renowned for her knowledge and contributions to Vascular medicine. The Venowave is Health Canada, FDA approved and CE marked in Europe. The Company has posted their ISO 13485 certificate. I am a diabetic so this device has great meaning for me which is why I have taken the time to research this so in so much detail. I am delighted to see so much medical backing for this product. The many studies are very positive and well conducted by leading researchers.
    The ICE-O-therm I have found virtually nothing on. It appears no publications and no medical backing that i can find.
    However 10 billion dollars does seem like an unrealistic sum.


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