Today I am welcoming MyMedicalRecord.Com as a new sponsor at the Medical Quack.  If you have been around here long enough then you might be aware of all the blog posts I have relative to personal health records.  If not, you can find around 400 posts here

If you have not set up a PHR (personal health record) you might want toimage visit their website and see how the system works.  In addition to the PHR, there’s also additional helpful information on various Health Topics and a pretty complete Prescription Drug Base and interaction look up section. 

In addition if you are a Veteran or Medicare patient be sure to look at the Blue Button section to where you can download and import your medical records here as this way you have one place to go for all your records and can access them anywhere with an internet connection.  To find out more a visit to the FAQ page can also answer many questions about what their system does and provides or view the MMR User Guide.  You can also print out and keep a card in your wallet to allow doctors access to basic medical information in case of an emergency.  Recently in the news it was announced 4medica EHR systems will be collaborating with MyMedicalRecord to enable lab report sand prescription history. 


Check out MyMedicalRecord and get started with a PHR as it could save your life someday and you could also avoid  duplicated image and lab tests if you have them accessible and they are recent and watch for any potential drug interactions with the tools they offer online.

Here’s an example of a past post where Mickey Fine Pharmacy works with their PHR system to promote personal health records in retail locations. 

MyMedicalRecords PHR 30 Day Account To Be Offered at Mickey Fine Pharmacy Chain in California


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