By now you have probably read the news about the HIV testimage approved by the FDA and in case you missed it, you can read about it here.  The OraQuick Home-Use HIV stick now has the approval of the FDA.  It has been used in clinics for a while now and comes with some precise instructions on how to use the test.  Technology doesn’t stop for a minute today and it seems as soon as a product is released that it’s not very long before a new product is around the corner and this is the story with LifeSaver Products.  It’s great that the FDA is giving consumers an opportunity to test for the virus in the privacy of their own home. 

In addition to HIV testing LifeSaver also has the same simple process available for drug and alcohol testing.  Being that the FDA imageapproved the HIV test I’m going to focus on this process first.  If you have read any of the many announcements in the news today, then you can see there is a process to go through to ensure the test is done properly, swabbing for 2 minutes is the first item that you need to be sure to read, as otherwise the accuracy of the test could be compromised.  In addition, there’s a bit of a waiting time for the results. 

In addition to home testing, CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is also bringing the test to pharmacies and the program was announced last week to where pharmacists and retail store clinics to 24 sites.  Counseling will be a big part of their training to guide consumers on where to go if they have a positive test and to discuss with their doctor.  This is a pilot program to develop a tool kit for the clinics and pharmacies to implement testing at their locations. 

Now that you have read the above and probably much of the other media that is out there about the FDA approved test, don’t you wish the test could possibly be a little simpler in nature?  This is where LifeSaver comes in.  Instead of swabbing for 2 minutes, a 2 second swipe for saliva on the tongue would be enough, so no worries about the amount of time to ensure you have enough saliva collected for the test.  The website announced the creation of this simple technology last year.  An image of the Stik below shows either a plus or a minus sign when the test has completed.  If nothing appears, you could grab another stick and test again.  This would show the test had been compromised but somewhat unlikely with normal handling procedures.

“Due to the protective properties of the patented packaging system and the proprietary formulation used by Ttest, antibody and enzyme-based tests can be protected in environments that may otherwise prove destructive to them. Ttest’s product stability and shelf life allow for accurate diagnostic tests in most places where onsite testing is done such as in clinics, the workplace, public areas, law enforcement situations and at home. “ 

Here’s a comparison of the two HIV testing products and you can make your own determination on which one might be easier to use.  As you can see the Stik product is very simple and easy to use and it’s easy to get the results without accidentally compromising the test.  All compounds used in the production of the product are already FDA approved. 

Stik Test for HIV

“Much of the development has been completed and LifeSaver’s HIV Stik is scientifically proven to work in a lab setting. Additional lab work and clinical trials will be completed upon funding and a Fast-Track application will immediately be submitted for FDA approval.”

So now we can move on a bit and talk about a couple other neat things about the product.  As you can see there’s no liquid involved in the testing material, which means a longer shelf life, and the Stiks can withstand some pretty warm conditions with no special storage or handling required.  imageThe cost for each test is estimated to be around $12 retail for each Stik which is certainly very affordable.  When you stop and think, a simple test as such could be distributed world wide and again make it simple and easy for all concerned whether it’s a clinic or an individual taking their own test.  Let’s take a look at what the Stik technology could do for the Red Cross.  You may or may not be aware that the FDA has inspected and fined the Red Cross here in the US for compliance failure and right now as I read recently, there’s a shortage of blood in supply.  This was in January of this year and instead of a fine would it not be better to have the situation corrected? 

FDA Fines Red Cross Again for $9.59 Million–Where Does That Money Go?

The document below shows a perspective on how Stiks could help the Red Cross and expedite screening potential donors.  

LifeSaver & Stik Products Can Help the Red Cross

Alcohol and Drug Testing:

Now let’s move on to another topic with LifeSaver Stik imageproducts, drug and alcohol testing.  This is also an exciting area of development.  How often have you wondered after enjoying alcohol if you are safe to drive.  LifeSaver has a simple solution for that as well and it’s the same process as above, lick the Stik and wait two minutes.  If one is over the legal limit of .08 a plus sign will show and if below, the minus sign will show.  Just this simple test can give you a quick answer and would it be nice if restaurants, pubs, etc. made these available? 

“The Alcohol Stik can be made with any alcohol cut-off value between 0.02% and 0.30% or with a simple Pass or Fail to meet various market needs. Clinical trials have been completed and has received certification from Norton Medical Industries that the Alcohol Stik meets or exceeds DOT, FAA and FDA requirements. Upon funding, a 510(k) application will immediately be submitted for FDA approval.”

What is My Blood Alcohol Content - Stik Testing

Now let’s talk about drug testing and if you are like me and have worked for any large or even a smaller company you have probably had to go for a drug test.  In my former life I worked in logistics and we had random tests from time to time for everyone at the facility so that routine has been around for a while and the trips to a lab are not a lot of fun, so what if this process were made easier.  Let’s talk about pre-employment, take your drug test at the interview/offer process perhaps?  A total of 7 tests can be loaded on one stick. 

“Ttest’s Drug Stik provides a scientifically reliable indicator of the presence of drug metabolites and alcohol in the test subject in seconds, simply by wiping the indicator stick across the tongue. A minus sign (-) imageindicates the subject is negative and a plus sign (+) positive for each of the targeted drugs and alcohol. The Drug Stik tests for DOT and FAA mandated drug screening also known as NIDA-5, which include: phencyclidine (PCP); opiate metabolites (heroin, morphine and other similar drugs); marijuana and marijuana metabolites (THC); cocaine and cocaine metabolites; amphetamines (including methamphetamine) and alcohol.  Much of the development has been completed and  the Drug Stik is scientifically proven to work in a lab setting. Clinical trials will be completed upon funding and a 510(k) application will immediately be submitted for FDA approval.”

Again with all the news today about HIV testing, it seems as if this was a good time to talk about LifeSaver Products and all the possibilities at hand.
If you would like to see some additional information, please check out the LifeSaver or you can email me for a link where a business plan and projections are further explained.  This looks to be the next step in providing simple and inexpensive testing services that could have a big impact worldwide. 


                Disclaimer:  I provide consulting services to LifeSaver products. 


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