The project has been in private beta thus far and July 4th isimage the day when the site goes live.  MedStartr is asking that companies stop at $40,000.00 from the crowd.  So far there have been some interesting projects that have signed up to include apps for iPhones to healthcare portals, to an RNA diagnostics process for cancer.  The company even has itself listed and reached their goal, again this has been in private beta. 


This is very similar in nature to Kickstarter with the exception that this is for healthcare crowdsourcing only.  Kickstarter was put on the map with their Pebble Watch funding project to where they met their goals and then some.

Pebble Watch–Companion for iPhone and Android As a Companion for mHealth Apps With Crowd Source Funding (Video)

Here’s an information page where you can see some of the companies that have signed up and an FAQ page here. 

Below is a slide show presentation that explains a little more on how it works.

“MedStartr is powered by an all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands. This makes it so you have no obligations either way if critical mass is not achieved to get to your minimum viable product.”
If and only if you meet your goal and raise the capital you need, we take 5% of the capital raised. Our processors, paypal and the like, take about 3% as well. So factor this into you project – 8% total. If you do not meet your goal it is completely free.” image

This sounds pretty well organized at each project is set up with an RSS feed for updates and of course other social networks will allow you to track as well, especially if they set up their own Twitter feeds, etc.   Below is one screencast that has been done that gives more details and there are a few other screencasts to view as well. 

Here’s a doctor who is promoting her diabetes app to raise money for a clinical trial so she can continue to develop and use the app to promote better health with being able to secure points, etc.  This will be interesting to follow and see where Medstartr goes and what new projects will appear.  BD 



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