Here’s a clip from YouTube that is a small portion of the interview.  It’s worth your while to go over and listen to the full interview when you can. 

He talks quite a bit about India and China relative to technologyimage and his opinion of where each excels etc.  Sometime he says in the next 10 years we will be able to cut the existence of malaria.  He also discusses HIV and how to attack the disease and what has been done thus far and says it will be a while before we really can reduce the numbers.  Bill Gates was always a science fan and with his work with the Foundation he’s been able to expand his learning. 

He talks a bit about software and it has evolved and gets around to talking tablets and pcs.  Funny when he talks about Apple and Steve Jobs and admits they did something better than he did.  He also says Microsoft has something with Surface that could change the rules again with fusing the pc and tablet worlds.  He says competition among software companies is a positive thing and states he’s not starving, so Apple, Google Microsoft and others competing is good.  Bill Gates still does get to suggest new project that Microsoft works on, but he would never go back full time. 

On Facebook, he says “Steve bought” and does see it as having importance.  In the end he says it’s all about the applications.  Again a very good interview and the first half is more about the Foundation and the second half deal with his thoughts and comments on technology.  He calls drugs and vaccines that are created but that are too expensive for people to afford a failure in referring to “markets”.  Philanthropy is still very necessary. 

Gates says there’s a real contrast between politics and science and he hopes it changes as that’s all that is generally is seen he says in the news and so forth and steels the focus.  Politics slow down innovation he states.  He hopes that some middle ground is found in politics and talks about the same disappointments that we all have.  He should know as for many years he testified about better education in Congress and has faced many deaf ears.  BD 

Bill Gates–Charlie Rose


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