This announcement about the product came out a few months imageago but somehow I missed it so here it is for the rest who have not seen this.  The cost is reported to be around $900 and it is a “use once” stick that plugs into the USB plug in a computer!  Not only is sequencing getting cheaper but smaller too.  It is a single molecule device that you just plug in.  Where is this going to leave some of the other sequencing companies you have to ask?   BD 

The technology within the GridION platform can now beimage miniaturized into a portable device for electronic single molecule sensing.  This is possible because of recent advances made by Oxford Nanopore in using new polymers to form robust, long lasting bilayers on its proprietary arrayed sensing chip.

MinION is a disposable device that contains the sensor chip, ASIC and nanopores that are needed to perform a complete single molecule sensing experiment.

Plugging directly into a laptop or desktop computer through a USB port, it is a self contained device to deliver real time experimental data.

The MinION is adaptable for DNA sequencing, protein sensing and other nanopore sensing techniques.

Workflows are similar to the GridION platform. The system can run with Accelrys' Pipeline Pilot or the user's own analysis systems in real time as the experiment is being performed.

Oxford Nanopore is focused on delivering the simplest possible sample preparation and workflows. The system is designed to be compatible with complex samples such as blood or serum and environmental samples such as water samples; initial data was presented from these media at the AGBT conference in February 2011.


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