The smallest display they have is 27 inches and they go up to 82image inches, and that’s huge.  Would it not be nice to have a chart on an 82 inch screen and be able to do some inking?  I think so.  In looking at the picture I automatically think of the “weatherman” on television.  If I remember and it’s been a while I think HP had something along this line with the “wall” and it was all touch and no pen.  The digitizer here seems to be the big difference. 

Here’s a video showing Windows 8 being used and all the high definition detail that the screen allows for.  100 multiple touch points at one time!  No special version of Windows required.  These are not cheap but the article states Microsoft will work to bring the price down.  BD   

Perceptive Pixel With Windows 8

"Our innovative, multi-touch platform enables professionals to become more productive, make better and faster decisions, improve results, and collaborate and present their ideas more effectively."
Perceptive Pixel unveiled earlier this year its first-ever simultaneous pen and touch solution.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the purchase during the first keynote of Microsoft's worldwide partner conference in Toronto.

Officials from Perceptive Pixel demonstrated a Windowsimage 8-based demons tration of OneNote, Microsoft's electronic note-taking app, on a large screen on stage at the show. They also showed off an ad-hoc collaboration called Storyboard on the large multitouch screen. Ballmer emphasized Skype and Lync also would be good applications to show off on the new hardware.

Currently, Perceptive Pixel's hardware tends to sell for $180,000. But Microsoft plans to work on making it more affordable, Ballmer said.


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