If you have seen the daVinci robot then this one will look a bit similar as far as the interventional cardiologist or radiologist being seated at a console to guide the stent through your body.  The image below gives the picture of how it works. 

imageA few years ago I had the chance to speak with Dr. Bart Muhs about this procedure and this certainly looks to improve the precision versus having to use an X-Ray which is pretty much what most do unless in the last couple of years they have upgraded to new systems that monitor with better imaging. 

Interview with Bart E. Muhs, M.D., Yale School of Medicine – Aneurysm Repair Surgery

Basic endovascular repair is becoming more common place as treatment procedures with technology advances.  The video below shows how the procedure works with using joysticks.  The CorPath 200 would also seem to be adaptable for remote use in time. 

Clinical trials were conducted in the Washington DC area.  You can bet the system will be a bit costly but one of the big trade backs here is less exposure to radiation for the surgeons.  BD

NATICK, Mass., July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Corindus Vascular Robotics, a leading developer of precision vascularimage robotics, today announced FDA 510(k) clearance has been granted for the CorPath 200 System to be used in percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI). The technology is now approved in the United States to assist interventional cardiologists in performing PCI, a procedure to restore blood flow to blocked arteries in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD).

The CorPath 200 System is the first and only robotic-assisted procedure to allow for controlled placement of coronary guidewires and stent/balloon catheters from an optimized interventional cockpit. The lead-lined cockpit protects the interventional cardiologist from harmful radiation exposure and the seated position in front of monitors may provide enhanced view of the angiography screen while reducing fatigue and minimizing head, neck and back strain.

The Company's FDA cleared CorPath® 200 System is the first medical device that offers interventional cardiologists PCI procedure control from an interventional cockpit. The CorPath open-platform technology and intellectual property will enable Corindus to address other segments of the vascular market, including peripheral, neuro and structural heart applications.



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