If you have not caught any of the opening events these videos show how proud the UK is of their National Health System as being one of their greatest accomplishments.  It has a little bit of everything from the Grim Reaper to Marry Poppins in coming in to take care of the children. 
Michael Moore provided the vide as you can see below imagein the credits.  These are real doctors and nurses from the NHS.  As you read on the web, sure they have issues as does any organization but if outside the NHS, you don’t criticize the NHS as in reality they are very happy to have free health services and look at what we have in the US by comparison. When you watch you see the beds all come together to form NHS.  This was very well done with Mike Oldfield with Tubular Bells. 

It is the battle of the contracts in the US as every day when a new one is signed and implementation begins patients are hearing you can’t see this doctor any more you need to choose from this list, or you can fill your prescription here anymore, you have to go here now and it goes on and on.   You can’t take this drug anymore it’s not on our formulary so choose from this list and nobody is immune anymore it seems, not even the government as our insurers battle for turf, and the turf for profits is us.  Here’s just one example and there are many more out there too numerous to list.  BD 

Tri-West Won’t Challenge Tri-Care Military Contract Loss To United Health - Legal Decisions & Contract Awards Allow Machines To Move Money for Profit As Company Will Likely Close Down-Subsidiary Watch

Celebration of Britain's National Health Service from MMFlint on Vimeo.



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