The drug is designed to be given in coordination with another drug Aromasin which is made by Pfizer.  This sounds like a good bit of research here to find the drug effective for breast cancer.  There are quite a few side effects listed on the website.  The drug is also used to treat pancreas cancer.  The good news too is that it is a pill so there’s no trip for the treatment to the doctor’s office.  The drug is to treat tumors in patients who cannot have surgery.  BD

The drug is the first in a class known as mTOR inhibitors to be approved for post-menopausal women with advanced hormone-receptor positiveimage, HER2-negative breast cancer. The European Medicines Agency in June also endorsed Afinitor as a breast cancer treatment.

Afinitor, also known as everolimus, is designed to be given in combination with another drug, Aromasin, to treat women whose cancer has recurred or progressed after treatment with two other therapies. Aromasin is made by Pfizer Inc.

"Afinitor is another example of the value of continuing to study drugs in additional types of cancer after their initial approval," said Dr. Richard Pazdur, head of the FDA's cancer drugs office.


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