Maybe they have done the right thing?  As we all see complexities and the aggregation of data taking more time these days simply due to nobody’s fault but connecting so many different technologies takes time imageto write all that code and then make sure it works.  The web sometimes makes this look pretty easy from what we enjoy with consumer web applications, but with connecting medical records systems, the cost are getting bigger all the time, and again the time element here is something to really think about.  I would also venture to say it all depends how far you in to the project would make a difference as well.  United Healthcare loses this one as one of their subsidiaries was the chosen vendor to put the HIE together. 

Another good example was the Allscripts case to where they were combining two or more technologies with another company they bought and as I said here, too much code and not enough time and thus so it was Chapter 30 of the Attack of the Killer Algorithms. 

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Allscripts For Misleading Investors With Merging Data Systems–Too Much Code and Not Enough Time – Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 30

The Direct System is works great and is affordable for sure, mostly just time with setting up the protocol and it is very much alive and well at the VA and DOD and even the PHR HealthVault uses it.  BD 

Hospitals and Providers Using NHIN (Nationwide Health Information Network) To Connect and Share Medical Records With the VA and DOD And Even With Each Other

The Tennessee Office of eHealth Initiatives has decided to forgo the HIE and encourage use of the federally developed Direct Project protocols for secure messaging of health information, says Keith Cox, CEO of Health Information Partnership. The Office of eHealth received $11 million in federal stimulus funds for a state HIE and distributed money to the partnership.

The partnership formed in 2009, and in October 2010 selected the Axolotl health information exchange unit of OptumInsight to build the state HIE infrastructure.

Cox says vendor performance was satisfactory and to his knowledge did not play into the state’s decision to change directions. A “substantial” amount of the stimulus funds remain, although Cox could not say how much.


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