Wait until you watch this video and best yet, it was created by aimage woman!  Yes! So far it only works with an Android phone and if the funding is reached an IPhone version is slated to come along as well.  I think this little robot has a real future for all Video Conferencing for that matter.  Just watch it follow you around and if you have ever done any video conferencing then you about keeping in front of the camera at all times.  This takes care of that problem and of course this has a healthcare use, ask any doctor or patient who wouldn’t mind using such a device, it’s a winner and is estimated to cost $199, a fair price for what it does indeed.  I have good feelings about her raising the money on this one.  

I like the video where it shows sitting it on a table and it automatically senses and moves back and forth between talking individuals.  Microsoft has that for businesses and came out with it years ago with their device but this makes it possible for anyone with an Android cell phone.  About a year ago I made a post talking about Skype use for consultations and chats for visuals and called it Redneck Healthcare as you use what you have available for better communication and care.  BD  

And Now A Word About “Redneck Telehealth” Brought to You by Skype and Microsoft

We’ve seen a few telepresence in our day, including the incredible AnyBot, but this little guy looks like it may make life at the office a little less weird and a little more bearable. It’s essentially a little telepresence platform for your Android phone (if the creator, Claire Delaunay, nets $100,000 imageshe’ll make an iPhone version) that roams around and lets you chat with people in the vicinity. Think of it as a little robotic dog wearing your face.

The early bird robot price is $199 and it works with Skype. To interact with the bot, you simply call it via Skype after downloading the proper software. Motion controls allow you to move Botiful around the office, room, or under and around obstacles. Delaunay recommends using it to play remotely with pets and/or kids and to visit hard to reach places like a crawlspace or dungeon.



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