One facility thus far has seen around 600 people so far for relatedimage illnesses, etc. but the air quality index says there’s no need for concern as far as the air having and toxic issues.  In addition to medical claims there’s also claims that will no doubt come from other areas such as property damage, loss of business, etc., anything related to the fire.  I am guessing though that during the fire that those with any type of breathing issues and asthma did have problems and the media at the time told people to stay inside as well.  There will also be long term effect studies no doubt.  BD

RICHMOND, Calif. -- Thousands of Richmond residents say they have gotten sick from Monday's refinery fire and they are planning to sue Chevron.

"The first day my skin was burning really bad," Lashawna Taylor said.

Haney's staff makes frequent announcements about the need for medical documentation and many do have paperwork from areas hospitals that have been swamped. For example, Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo has seen 600 people so far even though the Bay Area Air Quality Management District says there's no significant health concern.

"Medical, property damage, loss of income for businesses," Chevron spokesperson Heather Kulp said.

Anyone wishing to file a claim against Chevron can call the Chevron Claims Hotline at 1-866-260-7881. The company also plans to set up an office in Richmond so people can file claims in person.


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