It might be safe to say that at the Ascension hospitals there should be no collectors in the ER and Accretive will have to keep much better track of their computers and not be sharing patient information with investors on Wall Street.  That about does it for the big stuff and keeping pay for performance in check.  If you did not read the outcome in Minnesota they are barred for a while in that state.  If you read below Accretive gets 41% of their revenue from Ascension and Ascension owns a small percent, 7, of Accretive Health.  Also, the company must direct uninsured and low income patients toward charity care and help them find payment sources.  BD 

Accretive Health Barred From Operating In Minnesota for Two to Six Years–One 3rd Party Collection Agent Patients Won’t Have to Deal With at the Hospital For A While…

Ascension Health has signed a five-year renewal of its contract with Chicago-based Accretive, according to a filing today by the revenue management company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

But Accretive, which has been doing business with Ascension since 2004, must conform to each of the Ascension hospitals' policies for billing, collections and charity care, and follow the ethical and religious guidelines for Catholic health care services.

It also must direct eligible uninsured and low-income patients toward charity care and help them identify potential payment sources.

Ascension can sever its agreement if Accretive tarnishes the hospital network's brand, reputation or operations, the filing said. 

Ascension Health owns 7 percent of Accretive and generated 41 percent of its net services revenue in 2011, according to the SEC filing.


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